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Everyday Mountain Pils was brewed with a love for the Boulder community and its nature in mind. A portion of proceeds from the beer benefit restoration projects on Mount Sanitas by Boulder Open Space Conservancy.

As a backyard gem to the brewery with our namesakes aligned, we care about preserving and stewarding Mount Sanitas for locals, visitors and future outdoor enthusiasts. By purchasing a pint in the taproom or a six-pack from your local liquor store, you can help us raise money to maintain the beloved hiking trail for years to come.

Everyday Mountain Pils is a classic style pilsner with herbal and delicate honey aromas and a crisp, bready flavor. It’s available year-round and perfect for your next outdoor adventure! Hike Mount Sanitas and show show your beertender a photo from the adventure to receive a free pint in the taproom. You can also ask your beertender to add an extra $1 donation to your tab during your next visit.

Online Donation:

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